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Dr Casse has over two decades of clinical research and experience. He has devoted his career to providing rigorous, comprehensive and compassionate care to his patients and had a clinical subspecialty in headache and injection therapy for chronic migraine.

Dr Casse’s clinical practice offers a comprehensive headache service. These conditions, which include migraine, cluster headache, and post traumatic headache, are disabling, often stigmatized and poorly understood. It is becoming increasingly clear that these disorders are not ‘just headaches’, but complex disruptions of brain excitability and homeostasis.

Dr Srimal Nawana, our specialist GP who assist Dr Casse with his Migraine Clinic has a dedicated special interest in migraine and headache. She will meet and consult with you for your first appointment. Your first appointment is a long consult (45 minutes) to allow extra time to run through a full patient history and discuss treatment plans, medication options and further investigations. Appointments are not rushed and allow the patient time to unload their past experiences and how their condition affects them.

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