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All appointments with our neuropsychologist’s require a referral.

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Dr Colin Field

Clinical Neuropsychologist & Forensic Psychologist

Dr Colin Field is an Adelaide based neuropsychologist and forensic psychologist with 40 years experience, and has previously worked in the state’s mental health services, and various other SA and Queensland hospitals. He has special interests in the areas in the neuropsychology of dementia, driving and dementia, and is Director of the Adelaide Dementia Driving Clinic. This clinic also offers services in the area of aviation neuropsychology, and is one of only two Australian sites offering assessments using the FAA (US) mandated CogScreen-Aeromedical Edition.

Dr Field also has experience in forensic psychology, including the preparation of court reports for individuals with known or suspected brain dysfunction, and also has wide experience in the neuropsychology of closed head injury, and of PTSD.


David Evans

Psychologist – Clinical Psychologist

David is a psychologist working with adolescents and adults. David believes in a holistic therapeutic approach that strives to understand the context that underpins a person’s presenting difficulty. He has previously worked in private practice and community mental health settings. David provides individualised therapy, drawing from his experience using the modalities of CBT, ACT, schema therapy, cognitive remediation therapy, and motivational interviewing.

David also holds a degree in law and is available for medico-legal assessments. David is passionate about the application of psychology and the scientific method, to meaningfully answer questions of law.