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Dr Srimal Nawana - MBBS, FRACGP
Dr Srimal Nawana

Dr Casse is always looking for ways to improve the services we offer to headache and migraine patients.
Not only do we focus on injectable therapy and Anti-CGRP’s we also have a GP
service for those patients who:

  • may be at the start of their migraine journey
  • need help navigating preventative medications
  • require assistance with acute treatment plans
  • further investigations/testing


Dr Srimal Nawana, our specialist GP who assist Dr Casse with his Migraine Clinic has a dedicated special interest in migraine and headache. She will meet and consult with you for your first appointment. Your first appointment is a long consult (45 minutes) to allow extra time to run through a full patient history and discuss treatment plans, medication options and further investigations. Appointments are not rushed and allow the patient time to unload their past experiences and how their condition affects them.

We communicate regularly back to the patients usual GP, writing letters and keeping all interested parties informed of the treatment plan and any changes to medications.

Migraines are a debilitating neurological condition that affects approximately 3.5 million Australians. Nearly all people who suffer from migraine report a reduction in social activities and work capacity.

Our specialist GP was brought in with the goal of increasing awareness of the condition, as well as to provide treatments.

If your case is complex, Dr Casse may take over with a consult. You will only require to have a consult with Dr Casse once an appropriate treatment plan has been determined. (Separate consult fees apply for appointments with Dr Casse).

*NOTE: There is a certain criteria that a patient needs to meet before they are eligible for Botox and/or Anti CGRP treatment. Dr Srimal Nawana will work with you and do all the ground work with preventive treatments before any measures are taken that would require you to have injectable therapy.